1: Jazzercise

Throw on some great music and a pair of leg warmers, it’s about to get jazzy in here. With dance as the core element and building strength thrown in, it was the 80s version of today’s Zumba.


2: Step Class

Need cardio, but feel like you could use a little lift? That’s where this class came in. The class focused on using an elevated platform that you step on and off, typically in a choreographed style.

3: Thigh Master

Every woman in the 80s probably believed this device would give them thighs like Suzanne Somers. You placed the looped device between your thighs and squeezed away. Though the hardest part of the workout was simply trying to keep the device between your thighs and not having it slip out!



4: 8-Minute Abs

You are probably aware that a quick ab exercise isn’t the way to a six pack. That kind of tone comes from healthy eating and total body workouts. But in the 80s, we were looking for the get fit quick approach. The 8-Minute Abs gave us that promise, and many spin off promises, but we are still waiting on the results.


5: Nordic Track

Cross-country skiing is well acknowledged as an excellent fully body workout. Enter the Nordic Track, the benefits of cross-country skiing in the convenience of your own home. It lacks the ambience of the winter day that comes with true cross-country skiing, but we appreciate the attempt at giving us the benefits without the freezing fingers and toes.


6: Abdominizer

This piece of plastic was sold as an abdominal tool. It was meant to support your back when performing sit ups. Even though it received bad reviews, the good news is that if found a new purpose. It became popular to use as a sled, which probably gave you better abs than its original purpose.


7: Buns of Steel

Just saying the title might invoke a few chuckles from some people. This video promised a tighter, more shapely buttocks. Though we applaud the idea of making our back ends even more toned, judging from the lack of tight bums walking around, it seems the promises were better than the results. But if you simply “workout” your buns, but then sit on them all day, it probably won’t have a huge affect.


8: Aerobics

Yes, we still have plenty of aerobics classes abounding in our gyms today. Aerobics itself doesn’t seem to unusual, but the 80s took it to a whole other level. You may remember working up a sweat to Body by Jake, Richard Simmons, Stop the Insanity, or Jane Fonda. The outfits, the music, the moves…it all made for a classic 80s experience.


9: Prancercise

This is our last, but certainly not least example of 80s chuckle worthy workouts. The started in the 80s, but probably didn’t become as well known until the 90s. Prancercise is just as it sounds. The workout involves prancing to music, just like a horse might prance or trot. This is a bit of a head scratcher, but if prancing is what you need to get off the couch, then prance away my friend!