Can’t Stop Eating? Try These 2 Tips.

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Overeating isn’t just a Thanksgiving tradition is it? We tend to overeat daily. That meal was so delicious it would be wrong to not have a second helping, right? Or the meal was delicious, you’re stuffed, but the dessert just appeared and it looks amazing!

It’s not easy to say no to that second helping or that large slice of summer berry pie even though you already feel full. We live in a culture that encourages overeating. Everyday we are surrounded by ads promoting snacks that we certainly don’t need to eat, but just look so good. So what’s a person to do?

Having a few tricks up your sleeve can help when those food temptations arise.

Drink More Water

I like to carry a water bottle around with me wherever I go. That’s probably why my water bottles are looking a little worse for wear. But I’ve learned that dehydration is usually what my body is feeling more than hunger. Yet, when I don’t have my water bottle nearby, a snack tends to be what I actually grab instead of something for hydration.

Also, studies show that drinking water before meals can contribute to weight loss. So rather than plunging right into your meal, take time to fill up on water. Not only will it fill you up, but it may help you trim off those extra few pounds you are having trouble shaking.

In America, it’s believed that up to 75% of adults suffer from chronic dehydration, most without realizing it. That’s a lot of people! You may think you drink a lot of liquids throughout the day, but are you actually reaching for coffee, sodas, and juices? Your body may still not be getting all the water it needs. Instead of crying out for food, it’s actually crying out for water.

So next time, instead of grabbing a snack or a second helping, reach for water and keep filling up throughout the day. You may actually find that you were dehydrated, rather than hungry.

Have Healthy Snacks On Hand

The other thing you’ll always find with me is a healthy snack. I’ve learned that “hangry” can happen anytime and anywhere. And if I don’t have something on me for a snack, I’ll grab whatever is quick and convenient.

Maybe you are out running errands and lunch time has come and gone. You just need something, anything. Well, if you don’t have a healthy snack, isn’t it tempting to hit up the nearest drive through? And if you’re hungry, your food choices become a bit more lenient. Yes, I would like fries and a shake with that.

I like to toss little bags of nuts or even some fruit in a bag so that I can eat something as soon as I start feeling hunger pop up its head. It’s healthier, quicker, and cheaper than giving in to my hunger and grabbing the closest junk food, but you have to prepare. Know what snacks you like and fill you up, and then have them ready. Put them in the car. Put them in your purse. Put them in your desk drawer. Wherever you might need a little energy pick me up, stock that spot with healthy options. Not cookies. Not junk food.

I’ve learned that “hangry” can happen anytime and anywhere. And if I don’t have something on me for a snack, I’ll grab whatever is quick and convenient.

Choosing a filling snack will also keep you more satisfied than the snacks you find in the vending machines that are only filled with empty calories. But if you don’t like nuts, don’t stock your snack spot with nuts just because it’s the healthy snack people recommend. If you don’t want to eat a handful of almonds now, you certainly won’t want to eat them when hunger strikes. Know what you like, know when your hunger strikes, and know where it tends to happen, then create little healthy haven of snack goodness.

And don’t forget that a snack doesn’t mean indulging, even if the food is healthy. Eat when you’re hungry, but stop when you feel almost full, that way you won’t end up back in that same uncomfortable place of overeating. Get to know your body and take control of what you put into it so that you get the best out of it.


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