Is it time for a digital detox?

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Maybe you can relate.

I had a whole list of healthy to dos today. I was going to make a healthy lunch, I was going to make exercise a bigger priority, I was going to meditate…it was a very long list. But I didn’t get as much accomplished as I hoped to…like WAY less.

Why? Because I was distracted.

I was on social media, which lead me down a rabbit trail. Then I was checking emails. Then I was following a few blogs, which lead me down more rabbit trails. Anyway…this is all to say, I was completely distracted and forgot all about the healthy goals list I had made

Were any of those distractions more beneficial than the healthy list I had made for the day? Probably not. Yet, I decided to give most of my day to all things digital, rather than putting my health goals first.

Does that sound familiar? Did you feel like I did today, like your digital life had taken over your day in unhealthy ways?

I realized maybe it was time for a digital detox. And I thought I would share with you some ways you can detox right along with me:

Use an alarm.

There is nothing wrong with browsing the internet, but what can start as a casual look, can end up lasting several hours. So set your alarm for an alloted amount of time, say 15 minutes. When the alarm goes off, it will be your cue to stop browsing and close the app, computer, or other device. But remember, the alarm is not a “5 minutes left” reminder, it is a “you are done” reminder. Otherwise, the rabbit hole will quickly be jumped right back into.

Get rid of the apps.

You know which apps I’m talking about. Those ones that are just too tempting to have waiting for you on your phone. Every time you have a free moment, the phone comes out, and those apps start calling your name.

I have a friend who was constantly checking Facebook on his phone. So finally he decided to put his foot down and remove the app from his phone entirely. And you know what, he said it made a world of difference. If he didn’t have the app at his finger tips, so he wasn’t always subconsciously pressing it. He told me that is wasn’t like he was reading anything important, he was merely just scrolling through. But that quickly ate up a lot of his time. Can’t you relate? When haven’t we been guilty of the same thing? Sometimes we have to get rid of the distraction in order to realize just how much time it was eating up.

Has your digital life taken over your day in an unhealthy way?

Set an end time.

I think evenings can be when we are most guilty of giving into our gluttony for all things digital. Isn’t it easy to get home from work after a busy day and simply veg in front of the computer or the tv? Yes, it is far too easy! While there is nothing wrong with rewarding yourself after a long day or clicking through social media to keep on top of your favorites, setting a turn off time can be a huge help. Without a time limit, you could stare into your phone until the wee hours of the morning. But with a digital curfew, you have to step away from the phone or the computer once you hit your set time. This will also help prepare your body for sleep because excessive blue light too close to shut eye can actually wake your body back up.

I know putting down the phone or the remote is difficult, but think of all the other things you can accomplish if you do. Once you start to pay attention to the amount of time you use up simply browsing, you might be surprised to find out how much time you actually give to something that isn’t truly benefiting your life. So take back your time and give yourself the digital detox your life needs.


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